Learn More About Our Members!

We consider our club a family, so we wanted to share a little bit more about ourselves and who we are as a club, by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your favourite outdoor activity?
  2. What do you like about being in a Rotaract club?
  3. What have been your favourite rotaract projects and why?
  4. What is a cause you would be interested in helping in the future? 

What Our Members Had to Say

I’ve been skiing every year since I was about five years old, and did a bit of ski racing when I was younger. I don’t think there’s anything in the world much better than a sunny day on the mountain with fresh snow. Rotaract has given me opportunities to do things that certainly wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t so involved with volunteering. For example, I never would have imagined that I could emcee a rock concert, but I was able to do so twice through the several Roxy concert fundraisers we’ve organized. These fun activities were also productive, as they resulted in a positive impact on the community. The Guatemala Stove Project was a life-changing experience. On top of being able to travel and see the beautiful landscapes and cultures of rural Guatemala, it brought me a new appreciation for all of the things that I took for granted back home. Running water, steady food access, and indoor heating are all things I never really thought about. After seeing how some of the villagers were happy even without all of these, I am reminded to be grateful for all of the things I have. As I intend to pursue psychiatry, mental illness is an area I would like to help through my career. Through Rotaract, my main areas of interest are environmental projects (ocean cleanups, biodiversity etc.) and helping those in extreme poverty (clean water access, education etc.).
Hey there, my name is Lexie! Camping is my favourite outdoor activity! I love being outside in nature, enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty. My favourite thing is sitting by the fire, specifically first thing in the morning with a coffee in hand hearing the birds chirping and making breakfast over the fire. I love being a part of a Rotaract club because it allows me to meet and spend time with great people that have the same passions for helping the community as I do. I get to help the community and have a blast while doing it. My favourite rotaract project by far was the Guatemala humanitarian trip. It was such an incredible experience from the early days of planning to actually being there and installing the stoves. It was so cool to see such a large project come full circle after all of the hours and work we put into getting there and then actually travelling across the world to help these beautiful people and see their culture and way of life. One of my proudest moments as a Rotaractor and as a person. A cause that I would be interested in helping with would be ocean cleanup.
Hey there, my name is April! I love to swim outdoors in lakes and the ocean when the weather is warm. I enjoy being in a Rotaract club because it has provided me with lasting connections and I am able to help in my community. I have made lasting friendships with like-minded people who share similar goals of service above self. One of my favourite Rotaract projects was the grocery delivery we did during Covid-19 because I personally know how hard it was for people to shop for themselves and the fear of going to the store during this time. I also enjoyed our 12 days of kindness initiative where we showed our appreciation to multiple community members including firefighters, paramedics and teachers. In the future I would like to work towards helping people with mental health challenges and contribute to local elderly centers.
My favorite outdoor activity would be a tie between camping and kayaking. I really enjoy being out in nature. My favorite aspect about being in a Rotaract club would be that it provides me a platform to be able to help others. Being able to give back to the community is very rewarding. My favorite Rotaract project was our grocery delivery program when the covid-19 pandemic began. Where we bought food and supplies for the immunocompromised people of our community and delivered the goods to their residences. This was my favorite Rotaract project because it was a great opportunity to help those in need and it was very rewarding. I still remember the names of some of the recipients as well as their reactions when they opened the door. Many expressed sincere gratitude which felt great. One of my fields of interest would be food waste reduction. This would entail the redirection of excess food surplus from grocery stores or farms and distributing it to those in need; such as the homeless. This would prevent Tonnes of edible food from being deposited into our landfills and help feed the citizens that are less fortunate.
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Hi, I’m Emerald! My favorite outdoor activity is going on nearby hikes with family and friends! There are so many great things about Rotaract, but what I like most is that the positive energy and willingness to help other is contagious and inspires me to be better in my day to day! My favorite Rotaract project has been fundraising for the Guatemala trip last year by volunteering at Concerts by the Pier, but another favorite Rotaract project of mine that Semiahmoo Peninsula took on was the senior grocery drop-offs during covid this year, because they came in a time of need and were able to help so many people and take stress off them. A cause I would be interested in helping with in the future would be something to do with front-line worker appreciation or an initiative to help with diversity and inclusion in our community!
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